OMG! Trendysturvs Blog Hits Over 95,000 Pageviews Today

Did I hear you ask? How is this news? Do you know what it means for you to get something you least expect? I have been doing Azonto with my kids all day. I never expected it. I never even dream’t of 30,000 pageviews. How much more this? My readers might not understand this, but fellow bloggers will understand the excitement I feel right now. It’s been a joyful day for me. Woke to update my blog this morning and I saw over 40,000 pageviews had to call my husband to confirm this, because I thought it was a dream. I am not boasting or bragging for it’s not by my power but by God’s favour. Look at how at all started this morning below and I had to snipe it immediately just in case it disappeared, Lol. 

Thank you my readers, it’s all because of you and I am grateful.