The Trip, episode 4 [SRTV Studio]


“Hello”….*Activating my Playboy Tone*…..”Fine”, she replied. “Thanks for the Drink.” Her Reply got me confused. “No no… Meh meh….” Forget it, This is another wish gone sour. She’s a Stammarer and now I’m stuck in an event i started myself. “I just wanted to thank you for the drink.” I started to walk away and I saw the Pink on her face turn gray. Ma Bad! Its just not my day. Something’s officially wrong with today, I told myself. Its a long walk down the street to Number 45. God!!!!!! What’s my offence today na? I spoke to myself with ma gaze on the sky.

 “Is this Number 45? I asked the girl at the gate, My encounter with girls today just didn’t seem right and it took my mind off noticing the statistics of the girl at the gate. She replied Yes and before I could ask for Superior Radio and Television studio I heard Olakiitan shout “Brother, Come Upstairs. A simple “Thank You” to the Gate Girl and I walked into the compound. Looked up at the Balcony and saw My Cousin smiling at me. “What’s wrong with your phone? Use the stairs its by the side of the building.” …. “Ouch!” Who the fuck builds the entrance to a stairs with the lintel this low?. I had hit my head as I tried bending down into the stairs compartment.
 “Brother, sorry my phone was off, I’m charging it.” She Opened the door as I walked in. Ignoring her while she spoke, I took a quick scan of the Waiting Lounge. “Not bad” the studio was truly ‘Superior’. She walked back in after closing the door and I approached her for that Tight Hug she once gave me in my Dream earlier this morning. The usual exchange of pleasantries took place like a Role Actor and Actress in a Nollywood movie. How are you? You’ve changed o, See ur cheek, Fine boi….Bla bla bla……But we sure did miss eachother.
 “Okay! Now I’m finally here” I sank into tha Sofa and made myself comfortable. “The Studio aint bad”……”Brother,its been 2years oooo”….”Really?”….”Yes Na!, we haven’t seen since I went for service and all” she tried explaining. My Mind wasn’t in all she was saying. Why the Dream in the morning if it wouldn’t Manifest in Reality? I cursed the Devil in my Mind as I heard him make jest of me in my head.
“What do I offer you?”….”Did you get my Rum?”….”Brother no rum joor, what’s your Beer brand?”…..”I want McDowell joor.” We argued a little and I settled for Harp. “Should I prepare your Indomie now?” Oh! She really meant the Indomie? I thought I’d get a surprise of Amala or Pounded Yam with a good soup to go with it. Okay! I definitely was Dreaming again. How’d she make that possible in her Home Like Office.
 “I’d eat later, Just fetch me my Harp”…..Moments passed and she returned with the Drink and A Cup. No time to request for Opener joor, Why do I Brush Twice Daily? That was my usual excuse for the bad habit of Opening Beer with my teeth at the unavailability of an Opener.
Talks about Business, TGMpromotions and Life rolled by and I knew I couldn’t avoid her questions of my relationship. She knew everything about my Love life, Better still she was always inquisitive about who I’m dating and everything that surrounds it. We Talked, Argued, Concluded, Drafted plans and Re-Argued over and over again about My Relationship. “Just Call her”…..”No! I aint calling her, Let her do the calling.” ….”You Two are stubborn”
“I think u should have your indomie now”………
20minutes Later
A full Plate with 2 Boiled eggs. “Wow! This is too much joor, and why 2 eggs? You don turn Mama Amanda abi?” She smiled and forced me into eating.
I checked the studio a second time, this time around noting all the missing equipments and their respective arrangement.
We did a lil planning and more chatting as time rushed by.
Time Flew……
Enroute Home…..Holding Hands like lovers, “Let’s walk to Ijesha, its a short distance.” I narrated my Trip ordeal to her again and we both laughed all the way to the Market Bustop.
A Quarter Filled bus? Unbelievable! As the Long Bus Moved. There was just a lot to chat about but then Our lips seized and our ears opened.
……..”Praise the Lord!!!!…..Let’s Us Pray” The Traffic Warden dressed pastor was gonna Bless our Trip back home with his Sermon. I didn’t see this coming.
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