Designer,Jimmy Choux, Creates Shoes That Look Like Mouthwatering Cakes


Every girl's dream: A fashion designer has come up with the perfect footwear for women - heels that look like they are made of cake and icing

Designer Chris Campbell has expertly painted dozens of pairs of shoes so they appear to be decorated with buttercream, sprinkles, chocolate and very realistic looking cherries.

The three dimensional aspect to the decoration makes it seem as if you could just pick a cherry, or lick a dollop of ice cream straight from the tasty sculptures.

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Personalised: Chris offers a service whereby heel aficionados can order their own shoes from £30

Little and large: Each pair can take between two and four weeks to completeArtistic touch: Chris applies three dimensional sculptures to the footwear so they look like cherries and dollops of ice-creamCarefully planned: He says: 'When starting a design we try and think of common desserts and think about how we can transform them into a shoe'Cinderella style: Chris has his own shop, The Shoe Bakery, selling the mouth-watering heels and ballet pumps