Does Anyone Know Why The Fuel Queues Are Creeping In Again?


Why the sudden “scarcity” of fuel in Lagos? This started gradually on Friday and worsened yesterday! The fuel queues caused a lot of traffic within, and outside, the Lagos metropolis. The traffic was mad! The fuel scarcity was so bad in Lagos that we had to drive all the way to Ogun state to get fuel today! Yes, Ogun state!!! Does anyone, by chance, know what’s happening? Is anyone on strike or what? Does is have anything to do with Lamido Sanusi’s suspension?


  1. Naija is my country but all this wahala that is happening is making me to hate this country….. Imagine, oil country suffering frm fuel…. Nansance..

  2. I think the marketers are hoarding it! Wow! All the way to Ogun state to buy fuel? Now that’s travelling