Photos: Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s Viral ‘Fall Photos’ Birth Funny Memes


The picture of Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe falling down a set of steps after holding a speech at Harare International Airport, has been turned into an internet meme. Using the hashtag ‘Mugabe Falls’, images showing the 90-year-old president in a series of funny situations began spreading online. The memes features a cut-out image of Mugabe in various imagined circumstances, such as part of Beyonce’s Single Ladies choreography, surfing or running from security forces. Others show the ageing leader as an Olympic runner and with his hand on the infamous bottom of Kim Kardashian. See the full photos and the original ‘fall’ photo after the break

Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe, 91, tripped as he came down some podium stairs at the airport

The original fall … check out the memes below …

Tumble for tumblr: Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe falling over at Harare International Airport has become a popular internet meme overnight

Surf 'n turf: The memes features a cut-out image of Mugabe in various imagined circumstances

Put a ring on it: Robert Mugabe inserted in Beyonce's video for hit single Single Ladies

Breaking the internet: The ageing president is seen with his hand on the famous buttocks of Kim Kardashian

Oh the irony: Mugabe can be seen running from what is believed to be Zimbabwean security forcesRun, Robert, run: Considering the hippo is one of the world's deadliest animals, Mugabe did right in running

High flip: As well as surfing the Mugabe Falls meme sees the dictator try his hand at skateboardingEvolution: Humankind evolves from ape, to Homo Sapiens, to... Robert Mugabe

Some Mugabe Falls memes also made fun of his staff, who allegedly asked photographers to delete images of the president when he took a tumble