Relationships: Should I Have Lose My Virginity To Him?



I found this interesting story online and decided to share it because a lot of girls and guys might be going through this destiny-changing, mind-boggling situation and would need your candid advice to pull through unscathed. Read it below:

“Hello everyone, I want to know if having oral sex still makes you a virgin and I need some advice on sex. I’m 21 years old and kind of in experienced other than the stuff I’ve done with my ex. My ex and I are not on good terms most of the term but we do have our good moments. He is the very first guy I’ve ever dated and we’ve been going back and forth for about 3 years now since I was 18 years old. We recently had a sexual encounter last Christmas and he brought up the idea of having sex.”


“He always does and I usually refused because I wanted to wait until marriage but I’m not getting younger and I want to know what it’s like with him. I felt like I was on the right path but even my own little sister is not a virgin. I don’t see my ex and I ever really being together because we are opposite and are always fighting although he can be a good guy sometimes, he just does things that piss me off. But whenever we’re alone, it always leads to oral sex.”


“It’s not that he’s really good at it because from the little I know, you’re supposed to moan and it’s supposed to feel like heaven but it never feels that way. To cut the story short, I am always thinking about having sex with him. During class, in the morning and sometimes I go to sleep thinking about it. I was wondering if I should just go ahead and have sex with him the next time we’re together so I can get it off my mind. Plz give mature advice.”

What do you think?

Credit: @break_or_makeup


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