Groom Forgives Bride-To-Be Caught Kissing A Stranger On Her Hen Night


According to Daily Mirror, Pablo Torres Gandara, who earlier cancelled their wedding due to an unfortunate kissing incident has changed his mind – and the couple are going to get married anyway. He confirmed the decision to forgive his fiancee to local media, saying that the couple just want to put the incident behind them and get on with their wedding and married life together. Read the full story of the kissing incident after the break

A groom who cancelled his wedding after the bride-to-be was caught kissing another man on her hen night has taken her back. Emma Alicia Paz Ayala made international headlines after she was caught on camera kissing a stranger in the party resort Cancun. She was there with female friends to celebrate her last few days of “freedom” as a single when she ended up passionately kissing a man she had apparently just met.

Thank God he has forgiven her. Guys, when faced with the same situation, would you forgive your fiancee?


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