‘I Don’t Know If It’s Nigeria Paying For Buhari’s Treatment’ – Femi Adesina


President Buhari’s media aide, Femi Adesina, who appeared on Politics Today, a programme on Channels Television revealed he doesn’t know if it is the federal government that is responsible for the medical bill of sick Nigerian President who has spent over 3 months in the U.K. Read what he said below

Seun Okinbaloye, anchor of the programme, asked Adesina, “Who is paying for the president’s treatment?” “Does it matter at this point?” The presidential spokesman asked, to which Okinbaloye fired back: “We need to know, he is our president. He is a public official. This shouldn’t be shrouded in secrecy. Then Adesina said: “I do not know who is paying, but as a president, he has a right  to be treated by the country.” “Nigeria is taking care of the bill?” Okinbaloye asked, and Adesina responded, “Most likely. I don not know for sure.”

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