Practice What You Preach – Uche Maduagwu To Daddy Freeze


According to Uche, Daddy Freeze should learn to forgive and take his wife back.

Practice what you #preach, forgive your #wife and take her back @daddyfreeze One of the greatest qualities of a leader is the ability to forgive, so why can’t @daddyfreeze forgive his wife and take #her back? Why can’t the leader of “Free the sheeple Movement” find it in his #heart to forgiving his wife? Is it too difficult? This is a woman who gave you a #beautiful child, stayed with you for years, even when things were rough, she sacrificed her time and all for you to be #successful, so why can’t you #forgive? The #revolution has started, #Nigerians no longer take this man seriously anymore when he talks about #pastors eating our #tithes,💰 because #people are beginning to ask questions, “why should we #believe a word from a man who is not even matured enough to keeping his own #marriage?”🔥 Nigerians know that not all pastors are genuine, but they certainly don’t need a “preacher” who is not even matured enough to remaining in a simple marriage with his wife, to telling them that. You can’t give what you don’t have sir.


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