Saeed Muhammad aka Funky Mallam Weds For The Second Time


One of the housemates in the ongoing ‘Celebrity housemates’ reality TV show, Saeed Muhammad aka Funky Mallam, whose marriage to his first wife ended despite pleas for her not to leave, has remarried for the second time.

Funky Mallam who shared photos from his wedding ceremony wrote;

No word will or can express my gratitude to you all that made my wedding electrifying and colourful . In fact, let me just say a big THANK YOU and shot up 😂🤣😀

His first marriage ended after 3 years together and they had a son.

He said:

I never asked her to leave my house, it was she who decided that she’s sick and tired, that she could not stay again, that she is not getting what she wanted. I pleaded with her and called her people but her mind was made. Nothing was working and we kept having problems everyday in the house. I started running temperature and sometimes I just didn’t feel like coming home, it got to a stage I wasn’t concentrating on my job anymore. At the end of the day I just said okay she wants to go fine but I told her that look when you go you are not coming back because I don’t see the reason why you are going, I’ve never offended you then when things get better tomorrow and then you say you are coming back it won’t work. Right now, we still talk like normal friends.


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