Amara Kanu-Nwankwo Gorgeous In New Photos For Glam Africa Magazine

Amara-Kanu_Nwankwo_Poses-For Glamour-Africa-Magazine2
Amara-Kanu_Nwankwo_Poses-For Glamour-Africa-Magazine2

Fitness expert and wife of footballer Kanu Nwankwo, Amara Kanu-Nwankwo has featured in a new editorial for Glam Africa Magazine‘s latest issue. Amara released a fitness guide last year which was well-received and is back now with a video packed with the best workouts for fitness enthusiasts.  Inside the magazine, she talks about how she remains positive and healthy whilst balancing being a wife, mother of 3 as well as an author.

See the stunning photos from her shoot below:

Last month, Amara Kanu, wife to Legendary footballer, Kanu Nwankwo, called out her husband’s junior brother, Ogbonna and accused him of “using” her husband, and trying to sabotage her family. In the rant she made on Ogbonna’s Instagram page, she wrote:

“You are a coward and liar. That’s my sons ticket. He was supposed to follow his dad to the Leeds game today but no. You have never allowed Kanu to be in peace with his family. You tried that with me all these years thinking I will die and now you want to come near my children. You can’t. You won’t. Oloshi oloriburuku. Borrow pose. @ogbobekee1, don’t mess with my children’s things or their dad.”


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