Ex BBA Couple, Pokello & Elikem Split


Pokello & Elikem have reportedly split after their 4 year relationship. Posting an Instagram story, The Tailor, as Elikem is affectionately known, said he had called it quits on his four-year marriage to his Big Brother Africa lover openly stating that he made a mistake by wedding the fashionista and socialite.

Cementing this revelation was one of Pokello’s close friends who said the power couple’s separation was a ticking time bomb as Elikem had apparently become a financial burden to the beauty.“It was only a matter of time. When Pokello realised Elikem was draining her financially as she had to foot his travelling expenses each time he came to Zimbabwe, she got fed up,” said the friend who requested anonymity.

Elikem, without saying much about his relationship with Pokello, poured his heart out on Instagram through a video of a massive diamond ring captioned:

“I’m definitely not making a mistake on the next one . . . The right one,” teasing his close to 200 000 followers by suggesting that he was planning on marrying again.

Showing that the two have indeed gone their separate ways is the celebration of only their son — Tristan’s birthday. When all was well, the two would post pictures celebrating each other’s birthdays but now, both parties have been mum.


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