Doctors To Withdraw Life Support For Brain-damaged Baby Isaiah Haastrup


The parents of Isaiah Haastrup, the profoundly brain-damaged baby at the centre of a right-to-live legal battle, have said doctors intend to withdraw life support on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after an 11th-hour appeal to European court judges failed.Isaiah’s parents Lanre Haastrup and Takesha Thomas, both 36, from south London, said they were shocked and disappointed at the timing. “Surely, this is not sufficient to say our goodbyes to our son; we would require a reasonable period to spend with Isaiah,” the couple said in a statement.

Isaiah cannot breathe or move independently after suffering catastrophic brain injuries due to oxygen deprivation at birth. London’s high court has heard he would die very quickly after being removed from ventilation support.

Kings College hospital in London, where Isaiah has been on life support since his birth one year ago, said it would not comment on the proposed timing of the baby’s extubation, citing patient confidentiality.

A letter to his parents informs them of the intention to withdraw Isaiah’s ventilation early on Wednesday afternoon and urges them to spend time with him beforehand. Although their attendance it “not essential”, it is “very much encouraged”, the letter states.


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