6 Things Nigerian Women Must Do To Make Themselves More Attractive To Men


Talk Less:

Nigerian women talk 80% of the time and want the man to not just listen but agree with them, they can literally turn a man’s resting time to gossip time. If they can just be quite a little and not talk too much of how interesting their day to day was, just relax and let the man lead the interaction. 

Every man will want to spend time with her. The real man knows to watch what a woman do and not what she says because he knows her superficial is a contradiction.

Get Rid of Ideologies That Encourage Her Worst Trait:

Women should think logically for once to realized that feminism ideology is a hoax, it creates more problem for her because its the only ideology that believe empowering one gender is equality. The feminist wants to put more time into her job and less time with a man.

The fact is, she will be more attractive if she put more effort into yourself outside career the more value, attractive and feminine you will be. No man will want to be with a woman who brag about accomplishment in her career.

Lose Weight:

Nigeria woman should get their poo together, very minute weaker men like obese women. Most women become excessively fat with reckless abandon after dropping one or two children. Every man like a model like woman, get in shape and you will be attractive to men.

Don’t Reject A Guy Because You Want To Boast Your Fragile Ego:

Once a woman start feeling she’s too special and drive pleasure from rejecting guys she don’t want to fu*k. She reduce her chance of building connection with men because arrogance is what the men see when they approach her.

It’s okay, to turn guys down but don’t feel too good about yourself but politely refused, change the conversation and go on with your life. Being cold to guys should not be a way to inflate your ego or self esteem.

Stop Tattooing, Piercing Your Nose or Body:

Has any woman actually ask herself how many men really like to see them mutilate their body for the sake of being more attractive? The fact is piercing and ugly tattoos make you look unwise and a street urchins, jailbird etc. Maybe in entertainment or you probably read it in some novels and you want to stand out by piercing your nose, it’s cool but you’re just coping the every other body mutilating women.

Don’t Sacrifice Family For Career:

A woman has the only naturally given right to bring another human to the world, this power shouldn’t be abuse or wasted in an attempt to be equal with man. Your best biological years should not be wasted on promoting an ideology that will not stop you from hitting the inevitable biological wall when it comes.

So many other things Nigerians women need to do including not keeping guys in the waiting list too long because men do not like to wait, while waiting or chasing her, he may bump into another woman who clearly see an opportunity and grab with both hands. This type of women are usually the one other women call loose girls in their school days but today the same women are the one that got the lucky men and happily married.

The girls who were nice, too careful and wanting not to be called sluts, put the guys through a list of shits tests are the ones asking question today of ‘where are the good men’? The answer, you left them when you were 22 years!


Source : Themencode

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