International Women’s Day: Top 10 Things Women Have Been Banned From


To celebrate this year International Women’s Day, we will be looking at TOP 10 things women have been banned from around the world

1. In Yemen, a woman is not recognized as a full witness. She is rather bizarrely a half witness.
2. A woman has no voting right in Vatican
3. A woman cannot propose to a man in Delaware. She would be charged for disorderly conduct if caught.
4. Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia
5. Women were banned in Iran from watching the World Cup
6. In Charlotte, North Carolina, women’s bodies must be covered with at least 16 yards of fabric at all times.
7. In 2003, Saudi Arabia banned women and girls from buying baby dolls (You remember Chucky in “Child’s Play”? I’m sure you don’t wanna play)
8. In Arcadia, women are not allowed to drink coffee after 6PM
9. A woman is banned from walking nude in her hotel room and guess where? …China! And for sure, bathroom not inclusive.
10. Lastly, women are not allowed to enter a cemetery in … yea, in Saudi Arabia (you can’t pay respect at the grave of relatives).

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