Prostitute Joint ‘Ghetto Senegal’ Demolished In Okigwe Imo State


Popular red light district and shanties where cheap s*x and booze in okigwe, a city in Imo State has been destroyed by youths that wanted sanity in the city. In a move that can be likened to the 18th century moralistic set up. 

In a “see no evil or hear no evil” the New Ghetto Senegal has been demolished by Youths of Okigwe, Imo State. In admiration of this act, one of the residents of the city Uchechukw Ezealor said
“Those ashawo house by Roadsaftey office good if them call me I go follow go scarther dem nonsense people dirty place all of the harlots their are infected with AIDS i swear to God is a dirty place thank God Okigwe go better one day i believe.”

With the attendant high level of cultism and social vices, the have been calls by the residents of the city to have the shanties demolished in order for sanity to return.


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