9-Year-Old Boy Enters Well To Rescue His Brother


A brave boy identified as Francis Akachukwu Eze, from Eastern Nigeria, has made his family proud by entering a well so to safe his 3-year-old brother who fell inside.

The 9-year-old boy whose neighbours tried to prevent him from entering the well, reportedly told them “My brother must not die,” as he summoned courage, went inside the well and brought his younger brother out.

A Facebook user, Femi Victor, who posted the story, wrote;


A hero may not be known at birth.
He is discovered in heroic deeds.

True love is for others.
Taking risk for the sake of others.

Francis Akachukwu Eze, a boy of 9
Clothed his love for his younger brother of 3
In a garment of bravery.

He couldnt stand it when his younger brother fell into a well.

“My brother must not die” He said.

Without waiting for the popular rapid response,
He entered the well
And made the rescue.
He brought him out on his back

I rejoice with you.
Praying that the seed of glory sown in you will keep on flowering. Amen.”


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