Chinese Weather Presenter Hasn’t Aged For 22 Years On TV Screen (Photos)


A video of Ms. Yang has circulated around the web on Chinese web-based social networking, demonstrating her at work over her 22-year career as a weather presenter.

Incredibly, she looks precisely the same as when she started her activity as a 22-year-old in 1996, when the Spice Girls managed the wireless transmissions and we were in thrall to wind, on our Nokia telephones.
The video was initially shared by the weather program to celebrate International Woman’s Day, with the inscription “Many web users have grown up watching her show. They marveled why they have grown older but she hasn’t. What’s more? It appears she is younger and younger.”

Presently being alluded to as the ‘ageless goddess,’ the honor winning weather presenter has left individuals scratching their heads with marvel at what her mystery could be. Some even clowned that it was a scheme, and every one of the 22 years’ worth of climate reports was shot in a single day. By what other means to clarify it? It’s either that or the legendary wellspring of youth is certainly found some place in China!

Look down underneath to look at the pics for yourself, and don’t hesitate to share your own tips against aging in the comments!


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