Fast Moving Business Ideas You Can Do In Nigeria


Are you an entrepreneur or investor looking for where to invest your money to get good returns? Do you want to know where to find fast growing business ideas in Nigeria.
So the question remains, what are some small sized businesses I can do in Nigeria in 2018?

1. Agriculture
Agriculture remains one business that can never die out. Agriculture here entails crop farming and animal husbandry.Investing in agriculture is a smart one, because some items such as poultry, fish and groundnut oil and are regarded as contra-band, this however gives room for investors to make huge amount of money due to limited competition from foreign countries some the items you can produce for sale include rice, Frozen poultry, fish, live stocks e.t.c .

2 .Web design or development
If you have passion for tech and can stay on your PC,web designing is just for you.
If you don’t want to crack your brain into learning programming languages such as php javascript, ruby E.t.c you can simply opt in using content management systems to deliver clients jobs.But if you want to take your skills to the next level you should consider learning programming languages such as php.
In this era where businesses are being taken to the internet web designers remain indispensable.

3.Laundry Services
This is one of the fastest growing business in Africa especially Nigeria.A lot of people have done really well in the laundry business.There are lots of people who are overwhelmed by work loads and do not have time to wash their clothes, your service to them would be very essential. A clear example of a successful laundry business is prime wash.

4 .Phone repairs
Nigerians are exceptionally good in changing smartphones,there is an unending market for smartphone repair, in a country where you hardly see an adult without a mobile phone. This indicates that this is a huge market in which you need to delve into.

5 .Transportation
In a country of over 160 million people you, where lots of individuals are looking for greener pastures, people tend to move from one location to the other in order to make ends means.
You can actually be a problem solver if you start a mini transportation business ,you can start this transportation business within a state or inter-state service
To demonstrate the good mind that exist in the transportation business,where I live in port Harcourt an average capital accumulated by the by the conventional Keke-napep witin the range of 10-15 thousand Naira( Fuel inclusive and others).

6 .Restaurant business
In Nigeria restaurant business has continued to flourish. This sector can never go out of fashion because “man must chop”.
You could set up a good restaurant in the densely populated area, where there are few restaurants or close to a company that has large workers base.

7. Export business
Exportation business is an industry that contribute 23% of the country’s gdp.
Wouldn’t you want to tap into this Goldmine and make mad profit.
Firstly you will need to :

Register a business name.
Find the products to export.
Determine the price of your product.
Source for foreign buyers of your product.
Find suppliers of your products.
Get logistics.

7. Internet Service Provider

Starting an internet service provider business is not an easy task but if planed well and having accessibility to the right resources- it is neither impossible.The biggest challenge of becoming an ISP is the huge amount of initial capital required for licensing, procurement of equipment and infrastructure.

The demand for fast internet with 24/7 up-time in Nigeria would move any smart minded entrepreneur to venture into this sector. A very good internet service provider in Nigeria is the smile network, which is extremely fast and considerably affordable

8. Salon
There is one thing that is certain in life ,everyone wants to look good especially the ladies.Ladies can go extra mile just to look attractive in the eyes of men and even compete with fellow women to make them envious .

The hair is just one of the major part of the body that can bring out one’s beauty,women in particular are very passionate about their hair.When you list out businesses that brings out instant revenue hair-dressing would be among the list.

9.Photo Studio
Would you inception of digital photography. Photography business in nigeria has become a lucrative one the photography business is extremely demanding in terms of work hours but extremely rewarding also so if you have a passion of taking photos is a perfect industry for you

With the inception of digital photography, Photography business in Nigeria has become a lucrative one.The photography industry is extremely demanding in terms of work hours but extremely rewarding also. So if you have a passion of taking photos, This is a perfect industry for you.

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