A New Day Is Dawn In Nigeria – Nigerian Youth Decide


When change is about to happen, God brings the little David boy who had been in the wilderness all the while to dismantle the supposedly almighty goliath!

In an unknown manner, the Samson that was assumed to have been defeated and ruined, still single handedly killed a whole city.

The Nigerian youths that should have been totally maimed and destroyed are now standing and speaking with one voice saying, enough of dictocracy, enough of imposition, embezzlement, selectocracy and poor and deceitful governance.

Sunday Obanubi, SouthWest Coordinator

The Nigerian youths have now decided to correct the wrong narrative of who the Nigerian youth is, as not the unemployed, helpless tout on the streets begging for arms and daily bread, but much more, the well educated, intelligent, articulate, progressive and responsible people with leadership potentials to know, demand and stand for what they want.

Enough of one and two party system that impoverish the people, now is the time for the best candidates at all levels irrespective of the party they belong.

Enough of politicians buying votes off the people, now, we want to sponsor the best candidates irrespective of the party they belong to.

Enough of INEC Voter’s Card being an impossible hurdle to cross, we want it to be the right of every Nigerian and not for a privileged few in some parts of the country.

Onome Igugu (Broadcaster)

Enough of pocketisation of the communal wealth, it is time to serve the generality of the people.

Enough of celebrating the mediocrity of learned but unproductive criminals being called leaders, now is the time to empower every Nigerian children, women and youths to become productive leaders in their domains and in the world.

Enough of irresponsible and nonchalant work ethics by the civil service providing double standard work nature and several unconstitutional multiple taxation from various levels of government, now is the time to get everybody’s hand down in the mud to make things work.

Enough of living life to chance, now it is time to intentionally work towards us achieving our desired goals as a people and a nation.

Now is the time for the Nigerian youth to get not only interested, but also involved in the selection, mobilisation, contest, election, defense and monitoring of all publicly elected officials.

Whatever you do and whoever you are, governance affects us all. The government today can wake up and make a policy that can send us packing like Gov Ambode just did with his unwarranted and totally inhumane land use policy, which he wouldn’t have been able to afford if not being the governor, we must send them packing before they finally delete us.

Now is the time for a #NewNigeria.

Now is the time to build and rebuild our nation.

Now is the time to redeem our fatherland from land grabbers.

Now is the time for the Nigerian youth to decide who lead and govern is and now is the time to ensure credible leadership and good governance.

The Nigerian Youth Decide conversation is holding across the country from Kwara to Kano, Anambra to Abeokuta, Lagos to Bayelsa and every ends of Nigeria. The youths are laying down all limitations and hindrances that are deliberately being placed to limit our potentials, and forming an unrestrictable army of inspired and vibrant youths that would salvage and redeem our beloved country, Nigeria.

God bless you,
God bless all Nigerian youths,
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Sunday Obanubi
SouthWest Coordinator
Nigerian Youth Decide



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