Charly Boy Speaks On Being A Born Again Christian


Charly Boy who recently revealed his new level of spirituality on his social media and this stirred major reactions, especially from fans who have followed his controversial journey, seen his nudist/artistic photo shoots and his activism.

Now, in a new chat with Punch, tells about his religious history, how his crazy lifestyle never deters him from all things holy, and why he feels fans shouldn’t be surprised with his latest declaration.

He said:

“God has been in my life ever since I was born and that is why I am alive till date. I have always gravitated towards spiritual things. It is not every time I go to church that it would be announced that I am born again; how many times would I be born again? I have followed a very spiritual path as reflected in one of my articles titled, ‘Like Jesus like Charly.’ Jesus during his time was a revolutionary and most of his messages were not acceptable by all back then. Most of the people did not believe in him but he respected humanity. I have respected humanity as well especially in my generation through my consistency, tenacity and advocacy. There are a lot of young people that would have given up on life but because of me, they have stuck to their dreams and ambitions in life.


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