Guests Go Gaga At A Wedding As DJ Plays “One Corner” (Video)


The guests couldn’t hold back as popular ‘one corner’ song was played. They definitely lost control.  Social media have been set ablaze with the trending song called ‘one corner dance’. This song by Patapaa Amisty, a Ghanian musician, requires some level of craziness to flow with it.

The winning strategy for this song was the introduction of a dance competition online; this meant that the winner carts away with a huge sum of money.

The dance competition made the song more popular (or should we say – notorious?), because both the old, young, celebrity and ordinary person danced enthusiastically and posts it on their various social media platforms.

This song has spread like wildfire such that it has become the darling of wedding parties and youth events, not just in its place of origin (Ghana), but also in our beloved country – Nigeria.

The question that readily comes to mind is – Is there a possessive spirit behind this song or is it an avenue for people to escape from the harsh economic and social realities that continues to stare them in the face like a one-eyed monster?

Can we say that those who dance to this song in weird manners do so without any sense of reasoning?


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