See How A Ladies Finger Was Bitten Off Completely During A Fight


A lady has shared photos of a woman’s finger on twitter which was bitten off in a club fight. She didn’t say what led to the fight. The lady shared the photos and wrote;

‘Duddeeee! When I tell y’all people are not fighting fair no more. Shawty got in a fight at the club and got her finger bit off. Lol y’all out here sick’

See how some people reacted to the shocking incident:

Actually, this person needs to be in prison

Definitely she killed a finger

As a fellow amputee I will warn you it is difficult to get used to. I still struggle over 2 years later with sensitivity, ghost pains etc.

She needs to sue, lol it’s illegal to bite in a fight. She can make some really money off that

and i hope she gets it. They’re gonna hit her with the “well you shouldn’t have been fighting in the first place.” Smh

Sis Can never get another Full Set

So basically she bit the tip off like the meat on a chicken bone?


Well…did they ever get it back on..TF

Something bout this isn’t right 🤔 I just can’t put my finger on it.

Will the salon take off that $6 extra since she doesn’t have that one long nail.

I can tell you when I lost a portion of my finger in a car wreck the insurance company paid the max on my policy (50K) no further questions asked after I sent them a similar pic of my finger. Sue tf out of them.


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