Drunk Man Brutalizes His Wife And Furious Neighbours Help Her Take Revenge


A man beat up his wife while he was drunk and when neighbours found out about it, they dealt with him to make sure there wouldn’t be a repeat.

The 45-year-old husband reportedly battered his wife, Maria Viana Santana Pereir, and pushed her down the stairs of their home in Bahia, Brazil. The physical abuse left the woman with cuts and bruises and she was bleeding when police arrived at their home in the town of Jacobina in northern Bahia, Brazil, on Sunday night.

When neighbours were alerted to the incident, they grabbed the violent husband and tied him to a pole. He was later untied and taken to the Jacobina police station, where he was charged and held in custody.

The battered woman was taken to a nearby hospital, before being released on Monday morning.

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