How To Keep Rats Away From Eating Your Car Wires


Rats they are omnivorous like all rodents, need to chew. Chew anything they can find to keep their incisors from growing through their jaws, but they find the wiring of cars particularly delicious chewing which translate into expensive repairs. If by chance you happen to have some food stashed away in your car, that’s a bonanza for the rats. A car provides for plenty of chewing stuff like Plastic, carpet, seat fabric, anything.

Here are some 7 tips to help prevent the rats’ nastiness and costly repairs.

1. Leave Your Car Bonnet Open: Rats love dark place to nest. This idea may help discourage them but may not be the ultimate solution, do this if you have a secure parking garage in your house.

2. Check under The Bonnet: Rats love the engine bay especially the air filter, cold air intake, air vents and the bonnet. This is also where most of the delicious wiring that they we be chewing up is located, ensure that the air filters and hoses are free of things rats may have stored. It would even be better to have your car professionally steam wash cleaned to ensure all rats’ evidence is removed.

3. Thoroughly Clean Your Car: Remove used food plates, left over junks wrap from the car.

4. Use Rat Trap: Place rat trap on the front, back and top of the tire tread of your front two tires, bait them with oily food and replace the bait once a week only set these trap anytime the car is parked using the old fashioned spring snap rats trap. Don’t use rat poison it attract more rats also to avoid its rotting smell.

5. Clean your Parking Area: Always clean your parking area, keep the area free of garbage that rats are likely to pickup and store in your car.

6. Don’t Let Car Sit Unused: Drive it once in a while to discourage rats from doing mechanical or electrical work.

7. Finally get a cat, but only if you can deal with a cat keeping a cat as a pet.

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