Rose Water Benefits for Hair


Rose water is also known as ‘Gulab Jal’ worldwide. It Is a by-product of the production of rose oil. It is used in so many products as in perfumes, cosmetics, medication preparations, and food. It has been used since ancient time. Rose water has claimed to be highly prized for its . of perfume, medicinal use, and nutritional properties.

Rosewater is also very beneficial for hair. It can be a unique addition to your beauty regimen because it is easy, healing and all natural. Moreover, roses’ light aromatic scent can be calming and peaceful. Rose water is made by steeping or steam-distilling rose petals in water to isolate the plant’s essential oils. It naturally conditions and moisturizers because it is rich in flavonoids and vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E. The sugars in the rose petals add to the rose water’s calming effects. Rose water contains vitamin A, C, D, E, and B3, all of which strengthen the hair. It’s also loaded with flavonoids, tannins, and antioxidants which combat aging of the scalp and follicle cells. Many women use rose water for hair growth, as it helps to stimulate the scalp and reduce hair fall. Adding rosewater to your last hair rinse will offer soft and shiny hair.

A regular rosewater massage promotes blood circulation in the scalp. Improved circulation not only enhances the shine and strength of your tresses but also triggers the hair follicles to produce more robust hair. Rosewater massage is also found to be very helpful in fixing the hair loss issue. You can use rosewater in shampoo, conditioner, or directly in a spray bottle. It is entirely up to you that how you want to use it. There are some great ways to use this magical water.

Benefits For Hair

Removing Hair Oil

Rosewater helps to remove excess oil from skin and as well as from hair. people have very active sebaceous glands, which secrete a high amount of sebum, an oily substance in the scalp, at the root of hair strands. This sebum can make hair feel greasy and oily, which not only looks unpleasant but also makes it easier for dirt to attach to the hair. So, to prevent greasy hair rose water can be used. To remove hair oil, apply rose water all over on your scalp with a help of a cotton ball. patiently apply on the entire scalp. Wait for several minutes and then wash it off with your shampoo. This is a very effective method and it does not leave your hair dry and frizzy like oil removing shampoo.

Reduces Dryness

Rosewater is also very great for dry and frizzy hair. Rosewater soothes skin and moisturizes it. Use glycerin along with rose water as the former enhances rose water’s moisturizing ability. To make a solution, mix equal parts of glycerin and rose water. This slightly viscous liquid has to be massaged onto your scalp and hair. Let it stay for 15 minutes. After that, rinse it thoroughly. Repeat once a week for best results.


Rosewater is also an excellent conditioner for hair. Sometimes shampoo makes our hair very much dry and crunchy. To solve this problem you can use rosewater. All you need to do is just do a final rinse with a cup of rose water at the end of shampooing. It deep conditions your hair and leaves it shiny throughout the day. Also, rosewater leaves a sweet, exotic scent in your hair that no conditioner or shampoo can replicate.

Repair Damage

These days hair gets damaged so easily by water, dirt chemical and so many things. Rose water helps in treating damaged hair and to some extent, can even reverse it. You can add vitamin E and jojoba oil. In a cup of rose water, empty the contents of 3 vitamin E tablets and a teaspoon of jojoba oil. Shake well to mix the ingredients well. Spray your hair with some water, which makes it easier to apply the rose water mixture. Now massage the rose water on your entire hair and scalp. You can leave this overnight and shampoo in the morning as usual.

Hair Growth 

Rose water does contain vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C, and vitamin E, all of which are responsible for boosting hair growth. It increases blood circulation of the scalp, so it helps to grow hair fast. To incorporate rose water into your hair growth remedy, simply add rose essential oil to all of your hair products. Your shampoo, conditioner, and oil can all be added with rose essential oil.

Reduces Dandruff 

Dandruff can be very annoying and persistent for your hair. But using chemicals for removing dandruff is very dangerous for hair and scalp, so you can simply use rosewater. Unlike the chemically enhanced shampoos, rose water moisturizes and leaves your hair well conditioned. To get rid of dandruff, make use of fenugreek seeds along with rose water. Soak the fenugreek seeds in rose water for a few hours until they become soft and mash them into a paste. Take this liquidy paste and apply all over your scalp. Let it sit for an hour and then shampoo as usual. It should solve your dandruff problem if applied once a week.

Scalp Health

As we have already known, rose water can help in increasing blood circulation in the scalp. As a result, the general scalp health is improved, and dandruff, oil, fungal infections and other such problems that originate in the scalp are significantly reduced. You can massage your scalp with rose essential oil and any carrier oil like jojoba oil to get the maximum benefits. Directly dabbing rose water on your scalp would work nicely too.

Preparing Rosewater at Home


Boil water in a stove. Pour rose patals into the hot water and turn off the stove. Leave it like this for overnight. Next day your rosewater will be prepared. Pour it into the little glass bottles and keep it into the refrigerator.

There are a lot of advantages of rosewater. To see the difference in your hair use rosewater regularly.

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