Bible And Birth Certificate ‘Survive’ Fire Outbreak In A Residential Building. Photo


According to reports, a Bible and a baptism certificate were the only things reported to have survived a fire outbreak which engulfed a residential building in Cape Town, South Africa.

Neliswa Mgidi told Daily Sun her grandchild saw the fire while returning from the shop.

“I was sitting on the other side of the house when I heard him shouting that there was a fire coming from the back of the RDP house,” said Neliswa.

She said the fire started at the back where there were three houses.

Neliswa said: “No one lives where the fire started so that’s why we are shocked and confused by this.” Only a Bible and the baptism certificate of her late mother survived the flames.

“We are left with nothing so we will take any help that comes our way,” said Neliswa.

Sindile Mgidi, the 10-year-old boy who saw the fire when it started, said he quickly called his gogo even though he was not aware it was coming from the back of his house.

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