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Belts are not just fashion accessories, we like to think they are must-haves, one to give outfits a nice cinch!

Just because we are all about attention to detail this year, we will be dishing on fashion accessories that don’t always get the props they deserve. We dabbled into eye-catching jewellery first, now we will show you how belts can add that oomph to your outfit. These outfit options we found totally show how effortless and fashionable they can be:

Belt & Dress Combo

(Photo: Instagram / Simplycyn)

Usually, belts and casual outfits make a fire match. This denim dress and braid belt pairing totally show how well they work together.


(Photo: Instagram / Sharonooja)

The plain frill dress and the gingham dress with puffy sleeves are both instantly chic with belts as accessories on the waist. Not only did they add a flattering silhouette to the outfits, the belts instantly made the outfits fab.


(Photo: Instagram / Derinfromisaleeko)

Belt & Pants Combo

This combination is the oldest in the book as belts and pants have been a package deal for as long as we can remember. Generally, they work mostly to hold outfit in place while doubling as fab accessories.


(Photo: Instagram / Kimberlyskinny)

Totally unconventional, but placing the belt over the waist when you are wearing pants and a top is also an option. This printed co-ord outfit with a tiny matching belt is everything chic.


(Photo: Instagram / Lillyafe)

Belt & Skirt Combo

With this styling, the belt serves as a fashion accessory and a transition piece between the skirt and the sweater. The reason is that it is put in the mix effortlessly and not for the usual cinch.


(Photo: Instagram / Hangitupla)

For more ways to put them to more use, click here!

Featured image via Derinfromisaleeko, Lillyafe, Sharonooja



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