Traders rescue baby from locked car at Computer Village (Photos)


A baby, who was locked in a red Matrix was rescued by traders at the Computer Village on Saturday.

According to photos shared by the verified Giditraffic Twitter handle, @Gidi_Traffic, the baby was less than two years and was strapped in his car seat in the front seat.

The baby was reportedly crying and gasping for breath before the car door was forced open.The Twitter user also revealed that before attempts were made to open the car, the rescuers had waited for about 30 minutes for the baby’s mother to show up to no avail.

“Computer Village, a woman with a Red Matrix left her less than 2yr old strapped and locked inside car by the roadside, crying & gasping for breath, people had to forcefully open the door in order to save the child after over 30 minutes of endless waiting for the mother’s return,” the Twitter handle wrote.

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