Thanks For The Panadol You Are Drinking On My Behalf – Waje


Aituaje Iruobe, popularly known as Waje has a daughter, which is no news to us. But saying life was beautiful as a single mum brought up a lot of comments from both her fans and bad belle people,lol!

Read her tweet below:
Some say Waje was not being honest by saying what she said. They believe it’s never easy being a single parent. Yes, Waje’s got a lot of people on her side too who believed in what she said. ‘Yeah right Waje! No one needs a man to train a child’… and the conflicting words ‘You are fooling yourself’

Waje got tired of what that simple line ‘Life is beautiful as a single mother’ is causing, She wanted to end the story before it blew out of proportion So, Waje had this to say: “Nigerian nd the lies they tell themselves. I’m a mum nd I’m loving it. nd thanks for d panadol ur drinking on my behalf GRIN”

She has passed her message, she’s cool as a single mum, shekinah!