3 Days Old Pregnant Woman Gives Birth

Strange things are happening.This is the story of a woman who gave birth three days after she got pregnant. Read and share your thoughts on this.

Mrs Moffat, the woman whoa gave birth to a miraculous bouncing baby boy was interviewed live on Radio Zimbabwe by a popular and celebrated radio talk show host Tilda Moyo. Mr and Mrs Moffat confirmed the miracle during the radio programme as the woman narrated what really took place. Sharing her testimony, Mrs Moffat said she had normal menstrual periods which ended on 15th November 2012. She revealed that on 16 November the couple got intimate, just like would do on any other day. On the 18th of November 2012 when the couple went to UFI Church, founded by flamboyant preacher, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, who, during the service, prayed for female congregants who had pregnancies with complications.

The woman said Prophet Makandiwa declared that there would be a miracle pregnancy and deliverance within a space of hours, days and weeks and that is when Mrs Moffat began experiencing some signs of labour pains on her back and on the belly. “When I started having these pains I was rushed to doctors in town who prescribed me some medication to buy at a local pharmacy. On our way to Chitungwiza, where we stay, my husband and I jumped into a kombi. That is when my condition further deteriorated and my belly miraculously ballooned. It instantly grew to the size of a pregnant woman and both of us got surprised,” she said. The mother of the miracle baby said they urged the kombi driver to increase speed and rush them to Chitungwiza Hospital. “After narrating my signs and symptoms to a nurse at the hospital, she instructed me to go straight to the labour room. This shocked both my husband and I. 

I later gave birth to a miracle bouncing baby boy whom we named Emmanuel,” she revealed.

Seriously, do you believe this?