Fake Kim Kardashian Tweet Causes Uproar On Twitter


The tweet which went viral on twitter yesterday was fake,‘photoshopped’ by a certain @chuckicheese.  Trust Nigerians they reacted negatively to it, calling Kim all sorts of names.  The scenario became serious and some blogs actually fell for the expensive joke.

@chuckicheese wrote on his Twitter handle last night:
 Nigerian rapper 2shotz was one of the many Nigerians who also fell for it. 
Then another fake tweet convinced Nigerians that it was all a prank: 

‘I wld av replied Nigerians but i don’t want to say anything and my oga at the top would say another thing‘.

 Kim K however wasn’t bothered, she was exchanging pleasant tweets with her sister all through the time she was trending in Nigeria. @chuckicheese believes he is popular because his name was mentioned on radio 🙂  Way to go man…..