Iyanya talks about his parents and brothers death

In a recent interview with Nigerian films.com. The singer revealed that It’s a good thing to be happy and be wealthy but another thing totally to see those who you love to share in your happiness. Handsome Iyanya who has become an enigma in Nigeria’s entertainment scene today said he lost his parents mysteriously. Though, he reluctantly revealed to this office that it was a spiritual attack that claimed the lives of the people he loved most in his life. 

I am thankful, because I know they are somewhere better and they left a whole lots of things for me. My late mum made me realize that there is nothing really in this world than just being a good person. I have been trying to live with that, even though I can’t please everybody.

My Dad also taught me to be responsible for every action I take as an adult. I am just living with what they left for me. I mean, their prayers and words still linger. 

“My parents are late now. May their souls rest in peace, I grew up with them and I got 100 percent love from them. They died in 2008, before my Project Fame exploit. It’s a long story to go into how they died; I don’t want to talk about it. My mum died at the age of 42 and my dad died at 50. 

I know their death came too early and it happened in ways I don’t like to talk about. It’s not a thing that makes me happy. But it’s a lesson for me now. I am trying to live a good life. 

My parents are not the only people I have lost; I have also lost my elder brother, who died recently as well. He had an accident as a kid and since then we had been battling with it, but he died recently. He died the same period my parents did. It’s so painful but I have to move on,’’ he said.