Video: “Russia ‘not fooling anybody’ over Ukraine” – Barrack Obama


Russian troops near the village of Perevalnoye outside Simferopol.

Barack Obama says Vladimir Putin’s rationale for his incursion into Crimea was not “fooling anybody” and that Russian “meddling” in Ukraine would isolate Moscow. Watch Barrack Obama’s reaction after the break

Obama spoke to Angela Merkel tonight about the situation in Ukraine and the possibility of Germany acting as a mediator. We’re also starting to get some detail of the so-called “off ramp” the diplomatic offer that would allow Putin to de-escalate without losing face. It would basically involve Russian troops pulling back to their bases in Crimea, bringing their numbers below 11,000, and international monitors to assuage Russian concerns that its nationals would face persecution, according to White House officials.

More details soon …