Video: Behind The Scenes Footages Of Kim & Kanye’s Vogue Magazine Cover With North West + Readers’ Backlash!


Read the tweeter backlash from Vogue magazine readers after the break

Mr Liu also expressed how he feels betrayed by Vogue's editors

Vogue subscriber Chris Liu would rather not receive the magazine's April issue

Charles Wade blames Anna Wintour's state-of-mind for putting Kim and Kanye on the cover

Mr Wade also feels that the couple's daughter North is a more deserving cover subject

A Vogue reader known on Twitter as Katie Flowers was simply dismissive of the cover

A Vogue fan named Esi has questioned Kimye's relevancy among the magazine's other readers

A Lady Gaga fan known as @MonsterGrillz has commented on the cover with some suspicions

Liam Calderone says that Kim Kardashian is of an entirely different caliber than VogueInfluential blogger Bryanboy was a little more than confused about the Kimye cover

A Vogue reader named Matt wishes that Kim Kardashian's issue fails so she will never land on the magazine's cover again

Outspoken entertainment journalist Nikki Finke weighed in on the cover with her signature acerbic voice

Even the wholesome Sarah Michelle Gellar chimed in on the cover, saying that she is cancelling her subscription to Vogue

Matt Bellasai says that he will only buy the magazine if he can set it on fire

Typically reserved and reported blog The Fashion Law exerted an opinion on the issue, implying that it is classless


  1. She knws wat she wnts n she’s gttn it.Sum people dnt knw wat they de wnt n even if they do,they cnt get it.So jst let her b.

    Congrats to the couple