Photos | Video: Bizarre Scene As Man On A Leash Gets Walked Like A Dog Through London Street


Unusual sight: Commuters in Farringdon, central London, were baffled by this sight this morning

Commuters heading to work in London this morning were baffled by the sight of a woman ‘walking’ a man on all fours. With a collar round his neck and a pink lead, the man was smartly dressed in suit trousers, white shirt and black shoes as he meekly crawled after the woman through the streets of Farringdon, in the centre of the capital. Onlookers suspected it was a PR stunt but the woman, who was also smartly dressed and carried a cup of coffee in her other hand, was giving nothing away. Guys, would you allow this to happen to you for whatever reason? Another picture and the video after the break

PR stunt? Both man and woman kept straight faces as they made their way through the capital at 10am today

Source: Daily Mail