Photos: Are Afrocandy & Her Husband Getting Back Together Again?


According to Afrocandy, her ex-husband who she has 2 daughter for came running back to them and they are about to reconcile. Read what she wrote below:

“Just 6 Days away from my Beautiful Daughters and I miss them like Crazy, I’m glad they are in Safe Hands with their Father taking care of them. Incase you didn’t know, My Ex Husband Came Back to us and we were planning to Reconcile before I left the USA for my Naija Trip which was already scheduled, so stay Tuned for the Info, I’ll jist y’all on that when I return to the USA. And for those Fools talking shit like “Go and Marry” Honey I been there done that and you can either ask about me if you didn’t know me or SHUT YOUR PILE HOLES AND GET THE FUCK OFF MY PAGE! Don’t distract me, I am here in Naija for ACTION..Assholes.”

See more picture of their daughters after the break …