Dogs Eating Corpses Of Ebola Victims In Liberia


Dead in the street: People gather around a man suspected of dying from Ebola in Monrovia

Dogs are digging up the corpses of Ebola victims buried in shallow graves in Liberia and eating them in the street, villagers have claimed. Residents of Johnsonville Township, outside capital Monrovia, raised the alarm after packs of wild dogs were spotted digging up corpses from a specially-designated ‘Ebola graveyard’, dragging them into the open and feeding on their flesh. The grisly scenes in Liberia came three weeks after government health officials – desperate to stem the country’s rising infection rate – hurriedly buried the bodies despite a heated standoff with villagers who refused to give their permission to use the land.

Now fears are mounting that the dogs – which cannot grow sick from the strain of Ebola running rampant through West Africa but can carry it – will be able to pass it on to humans through licking or biting.

Aren’t the bodies supposed to be cremated?


  1. The bodies ought to be cremated o! Such dogs must be identified and killed before the further spread the virus!!!!!!!!!

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