Emir Of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Under Suicide Watch


The center appear on the verge of collapse at the Emir palace in Kano State for the newly crowned Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – Emir Muhammadu Sunusi II. This is following information available to 247ureports.com obtained from a competent source within the security quarters in Kano indicating that all is not well with the occupant of the seat of Emir of Kano.  As gathered, the occupant of the seat of Emir of Kano is reported to have been placed under suicide watch.

The occupant of the seat of Emir began exhibiting symptoms of severe clinical depression. The symptoms reportedly grew worse. According to our source, the occupant of the Emir’s seat, began having thoughts of suicide. “He is suicidal. He is secretly being watched by his close aides”, said the source.

The source pointed particular attention to the nature of the seat of Emir as being highly spiritual and/or traditional. “Not anyone can just mount the seat because he can or because he has political connections with the high ups” noted the source who went to explain that the former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi may have not been the rightful heir to the throne of Emir of Kano in the traditional sense as understood by the elders and handlers of the traditional stool. He pointed to long laid down custom of selecting an Emir after the death of Emir. According to the source, when an Emir lasts in the office of Emir for up to 50years, his first son ascends to the throne automatically without contest.

Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is the grandson of Muhammadu Sunusi, the 11th Fulani Emir of Kano. His grandfather however did not last up to 50 years at the throne.

Ado Bayero was Emir for over 50 years”, continued the source. The elders and handlers of the stool were aware of the customs and were prepared to crown the son of Ado Bayero when the Governor of Kano intervened. He added that the former CBN governor’s name were not among the names recommended by the handlers of the traditional stool to the governor for crowning as Emir. “They don’t know the repercussions”.