First Lesbian Muslim Couple Tie The Knot


According to Daily Mail, muslim lesbian couple, Sahar Mosleh and Maryam from Iranfar finally tied the knot after nine years together. The couple met online 9 years ago but we’re unable to make it official because of the strict death penalty for gays in Iran.

Delighted: Maryam Iranfar (left) and her new wife Sahar Mosleh (right) smile happily during their wedding

They tied the knot after uniting in Stockhlom. Maryam, is expecting the couple’s first child, and Sahar, suffers from congenital brittle bones. Their union was blessed by Iman Ludovid Mohamed Zahed, who is also gay. The delighted Imam said:

‘I am very grateful for this beautiful wedding,’ he revealed, ‘and to be able to give my blessing to this happy couple.’

Blessing: Imam Zahed completes the ceremony - much to the delight of the two overjoyed brides

In Iran, the pair would have faced a penalty of 50 lashes for the first time they were caught together, a punishment that would have been repeated on a further two occasions. Had they been caught together a fourth time, the death penalty would be applied.

Newlyweds: Maryam and Sahar have been an item for nine years

‘I’m glad that this is a happy couple who can now form family after many years of struggle,’ added a thrilled Imam Zahed. ‘It’s a long journey to leave your homeland, come to a foreign country and manage to form a new life together.’

Support: Well-wishers stop to share the moment with the couple as they and the Imam emerge after the wedding