Jay Z Whisks Beyoncé Away On A Romantic Five-Week Retreat In Desperate Attempt To Save Their Marriage


Beyoncé pictured without her wedding ring (ringed)

Beyonce and Jay Z are the billion dollar couple whose marriage has been a carefully orchestrated affair – even down to the announcement of their first child live on TV. But as rumors continue to swirl surrounding an impending split between Jay Z and Beyoncé, sources tell MailOnline the rapper is desperate to save his marriage and plans to whisk his superstar wife away on a five-week ‘make or break’ vacation in between their final tour dates.

A source revealed that Jay Z is trying to persuade Beyoncé – who is now looking at apartments in both New York AND LA – to join him, saying: ‘Jay wants to save the marriage, they have their final US tour date in San Francisco on August 6 and then they have two dates in Paris from September 12 – that’s it. ‘He adores his daughter Blue Ivy and he wants a sibling for her, but Beyoncé isn’t sure what she wants to do  – their marriage is in flux, that’s the truth. Jay just wants them to spend some time alone together to try and work it out.

I hope this works out!


  1. Na wa! Some reports are saying Jay Z is tired, others are saying Beyonce. Reporters should leave them alone abeg.

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