Men Stripped Unclad & Forced To Undergo Circumcisions In Kenya After Their Wives Complained That They Were Not Good In Bed


A dozen men have been forced to undergo circumcisions in western Kenya. File picture shows a male Masai as he is circumcised by a nurse during an initiation ceremony in the village of Eremit in 2012

A dozen men were seized and stripped unclad before they were forced to undergo circumcisions in western Kenya as part of a ‘ceremony’, it has been reported. The 12 men, from the Luo, Turkana, Iteso and Luhyia communities, were reportedly subjected to the procedure after their wives revealed they had not had it done previously.

A number of women in the town of Moi’s Bridge, in western Kenya, where the incident took place, said they were pleased the men went through the procedure because it made them cleaner and perform better in bed.

According to Kenyan radio station West FM, the men who underwent the procedure had either previously avoided having it done or had come from a Luhyia sub-tribe which did not carry it out.

A crowd reportedly sung circumcision songs as they gathered the men up before taking them to a nearby medical centre where the operations were carried out.

One of the wives, Anne Njeri, who witnessed the incident on Friday, told the radio station: ‘We are happy with the move to have such men cut because uncircumcised men are dirty and do not perform well in bed and thus we are sure their wives will now enjoy their marriages.’

Each of the men have been provided with money by others in the town for treatment, according to the report.

The men who carried out the procedure have said all the men who have not been circumcised will undergo the procedure in what has been dubbed ‘circumcision season’, according to theKenyan Daily Post

The season is said to last for the first three weeks of August, the International Business Times has reported.