Mexican Doctor ‘Drugged & Tortured’ By Relatives Of Patient She Delivered Of Still Born


Dr Sabina Mota is rescued by police after she was tortured and left for dead after being snatched from the hospital where she works

Attackers cut off two of the doctor’s fingers and hacked at her ovaries and womb in a revenge attack after she left work at a hospital in the city of Zamora in Mexico. Police believe the attack is linked to the death of a baby boy, who the gynaecologist delivered stillborn, with relatives of the baby’s mother the prime suspects in the case.

The 30-year-old had just finished a night shift on a maternity ward and police believe the attack is linked to the death of a baby boy who died during birth complications three weeks earlier. However, the mother of the baby and members of her family are currently missing. Police spokesman Ulpio Fonseca said:

‘She was forced to take muscle relaxant drugs which made it impossible for her to fight back. ‘Then she was tortured and mutilated in her own home for several hours by people we believe are related to a former patient. ‘She had severe injuries and nearly bled to death’.

Officers say she was forced to write on a wall a warning to her colleagues in her own blood before her attackers chained her up and fled. She was rescued when she came round from the muscle relaxant drugs and screamed, which alerted neighbours.

The medic had also found a note at her home saying: ‘The doctor who murdered my son will be next.’ A colleague had told police: ‘The woman’s family had turned up at the hospital accusing her of killing the child.

‘People often threaten doctors when things go wrong, but this family we now know clearly meant it.’