Parents Beat One-Month-Old Baby Then Post Pictures Of Its Injuries On Facebook … For Fun!!!


'Did it for fun': A couple have been charged with  violence on a minor after they allegedly hit their baby and then posted pictures of the injuries on Facebook

A couple have been accused of battering their baby – then posting pictures of the injuries on Facebook. The father reportedly told police he hit the one-month-old at their home in Aisne, France, because he couldn’t stand the infant’s crying. They then shared photographs of the youngster online ‘for fun’, it was claimed. The baby is understood to have suffered brain damage as a result of the alleged attack. However, it is not yet known how serious the injuries are, it was reported by The Local, which cited Le Parisien newspaper.

Police last night charged the father and mother with violence on a minor.  Officers were alerted on Monday by a friend of the couple who claimed the toddler looked ‘abnormal’ in the pictures uploaded to the social networking site. But when the mother was ordered to the police station with the child, officers found the baby to be in an even worse condition than expected, a source told Le Parisien. The mother claimed she did not report the alleged attack because she feared her husband would leave her.

Another set of irresponsible parents! Do they deserve to get the baby back?


  1. Na wa. Irresponsible parents. Some people are looking for children, others do not value theirs.

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