Photo : 21 Year Old Man Dies Taking Selfie With A Gun


Otero Aguilar has also shared multiple photos of him either sitting in or standing next to cars

This is when selfies go too far?  A 21 year old man from Mexico has died while taking a selfie.  How?  He tried to pose with a gun!

Oscar Otero Aguilar was having a night out with his friends, drinking and having a good time.  However, he decided that taking a selfie with a loaded gun would be a good idea. Many of us have tried juggling food, drinks or even a friend while trying to take a self portrait. Unfortunately, for young Aguilar, he tried holding a loaded gun and his camera, the gun went off. 

Police were called by the neighbour who heard the gun go off.  He then rushed over to find Aguilar still alive; but by the time the police arrived, he was dead. One of Aguilar’s friends, was arrested while his other friend, ‘El Paco’, is on the run.

Even though there was an arrest, it appears the death was a fatal mistake.  The safety was not on and the gun was loaded.  Aguilar must have been unfamiliar with the safe use of firearms.  Tragically, it was his last selfie.