Photo: Austrian Woman Fined For Walking Unclad On The Street!


A woman in Austria has been fined up to 1,000 Euros ($1,340) for constantly walking on the streets with nothing but a pair of white tennis shoes.

According to Police spokesman Johann Baumschlager, the young woman was stopped by police on Tuesday after cycling past officers manning a radar trap on a highway in northeastern Austria.

Baumschlager said on Wednesday the woman was again identified and told to go home and get dressed. She was also informed she had been charged with disturbing public decency — a misdemeanor that carries a maximum 1,000-euro fine.

She had previously been sighted in the buff while shopping in a supermarket and at a gas station, filling up her car – and still Naked! Unfortunately, the woman’s name wasn’t mentioned going by the Austrian privacy laws.

Na wa o! What could have come upon her?