Revealed: How Arab Playboys Fly Their Exotic Cars Into London For £20,000/ Vehicle


The car owners, many of them Qataris, Saudis, Emiratis and Kuwaitis, will happily pay a small fortune – in excess of £20,000 – for their metal marvels to be flown around 3,000 miles each way. Qatar Airways is one such airline that ships supercars from Doha to Heathrow. Secured to the floor of their Airbus A330, the precious cargo can either be accommodated in a single row or in a side-by-side configuration (as demonstrated here with a Mercedes for the Dubai Airshow). The vehicles spotted in central London over the past few weeks often attract the attention of tourists and car enthusiasts, who are intrigued by the tailor-made versions of famous models from car manufacturers including Ferrari (bottom right), Rolls-Royce, McLaren and Lamborghini.Check out pictures of some of the exotic cars after the break

Car owners from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait will happily pay a small fortune - in excess of £20,000 for a return journey - for their metal marvels to be flown around 3,000 miles, and often leave them parked up on the streets of London. At this week's Dubai Airshow, the Qatar Airways Cargo A330-200F freighter showed off its cargo-loading capabilities

A Lamborghini Aventador, valued at £280,000, sits on one of Dan Car Logistics' pallets, as it prepares to be transported

Qatar Airways provided a demonstration using the latest from the Mercedes-Benz AMG product line of luxury automobiles

Daniel Hallworth, director of Dan Car Logistics, which specialises in air freight, told MailOnline: 'The Arabs often use agents to arrange their cars to be flown to the UK - and some of these guys can have two or three cars that they bring over for just one month.' Above, a Lamborghini seen last night in south-west London

'A lot of them tour - so they may come to London for a bit and then truck their vehicle to much sunnier places like Marbella to extend their fun,' said Mr Hallworth. Above, a Rolls-Royce parked opposite Versace (naturally)

This gold-plated Range Rover drew admiring glances from other drivers as it made its way through London

A £150,000-plus blue Ferrari 458 Italia which had been given a customised spider-web wrap by its Qatari owner. It was seen last night in Sloane Street, south-west London

A white Lamborghini Aventador was among the supercars spotted in London last night - and they often attract the attention of tourists and car enthusiasts

Onlookers gawp at two supercars in south-west London. The car owners are usually here for about one month

There are car doors... and then there are car doors, as this McLaren shows

Once they arrive, some of the over-the-top autos attract the attention of the police too - due to incorrect registration plates and insurance or parking regulation breaches


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