“Soldiers Have No business With Electoral Process” – APC National Vice-Chairman


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Zachari Edeh is the National Vice-Chairman, All Progressives Congress in the North-Central. He says that involving soldiers in election matters is misplaced priority. Read excepts of his interview culled from The Punch … after the break

You mentioned militarisation of political activities in Nigeria. What exactly do you mean by that?

I mean that the military should not be allowed to participate in the process of any election at whatever level. The military is meant to go to war, to avert war, to contain war and above all ensure internal security. Was there any war in Ekiti? Were people being manhandled during the campaigns? Was there any breakdown of law and order? These are questions that we should ask ourselves. What I am trying to say in essence is that the military has no place in the political process in Nigeria.

Are you saying that President Goodluck Jonathan was behind the deployment of the military in Ekiti State?

You are mentioning names now. I didn’t mention any name. I am also asking questions. I want to know who ordered the deployment of the military to Ekiti? Why did he do so? That was why I asked whether there was any war in Ekiti. Was there any crisis in Ekiti State? That they had gone to keep peace, I said they better go to Chibok and rescue our daughters than going to Ekiti where soldiers were not needed.


  1. Whatever means nigeria government should adopt to have free and fair election, I’m in support of it. Why is it that only APC that are crying foul of using militry in electoral process? When militry was use in Edo state and APC won, they was no noise. APC should start doing their work well, for a better re-election tomorrow.

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