12 Women With No Hair Pose For Unclad Calendar Raising Funds


The front cover of PrettyBald's 2015 charity calendar features alopecia sufferers

This is becoming a trend in the UK. A unclad calendar challenges perceptions of beauty with its twelve stunning models – who all have no hair. The 2015 charity calendar from PrettyBald is themed around a girls’ country weekend. Each photo features a country house, fast car, croquet, tea party – or even wellies – and of course beautiful bald models baring all.  You will agree with me if I say bald is beautiful right?

See more photos below

Whether you have cancer, thinning hair, scarring or Alopecia, this calendar aims to showcase and raise awareness of lovely ladies (and gents) without hair

The calendar is on sale in a bid to raise awareness and funds for a Alopecia UK

Twelve inspiring ladies have bared all, including bald heads, in the unique fundraising calendar, showing that bald is beautiful