Clinic Where Joan River Had Cardiac Arrest Faces Investigations Amid Claims She Was Given Propofol


Joan Rivers may have been given the same drug that killed Michael Jackson when she went into cardiac and respiratory arrest at a New York clinic, it has been sensationally claimed today. The 81-year-old comedy legend slipped into a coma and never regained consciousness after being sedated for an endoscopy procedure. She died this afternoon.

The New York State Department of health has launched an investigation into Yorkville Endoscopy, the out-patient  clinic where Rivers went into arrest. The clinic has said it is cooperating fully. RadarOnline reports that Rivers was given Propofol, which is often used was an anesthetic for simple medical procedures.

It is the same drug that gained infamy after it was revealed that the King of Pop died after taking a cocktail of drugs that included Propofol. In the days before her death, she reportedly had her hair and makeup done every day – a testament to the consummate performer’s desire to always look her best, the New York Daily News reports.
Her suit at Mount Sinai Hospital was filled with decoration and flowers in an effort to make her comfortable in her last moments, the newspaper reports.